Our surface disinfectant, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide is a multipurpose disinfectant and biocide. It has been tried and tested in labs and in the field and is found to be effective against viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and mould. Its unique formulation means that it is effective against viruses but is gentle on the environment where it is applied. It will not cause corrosion or bleach fabrics. It is also environmentally friendly as its break down products are oxygen and water.

The Fight Against Corona Virus

There is currently no laboratory testing against Corona Virus COVID 19. All the evidence points to the fact that our chemical is highly effective against this virus.

0.5% Hydrogen peroxide will kill Human Coronavirus within 1 minute.

Our chemical has passed EN14476 and will kill Vaccinia Virus. Blu Test, the NHS virus testing laboratory, has stated that if a disinfectant or biocide can pass both these tests then it will be effective against the Wuhan Virus.


Our chemical is ideal for surface disinfection. It can be applied using electrostatic spray guns or commercial portable fogging machines. It can also be applied manually and is ideal for high touch areas.


Ionised Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Technology is an excellent choice when it comes to decontamination within all sectors including; healthcare, education, food preparation, biotech, biomedical, biologics and pharmaceutical sectors to name just a few.

Our service is designed to provide bio-decontamination of equipment, vehicles, rooms or entire facilities. iHP is the clear choice when replacing traditional formaldehyde or chlorine-based applications offering fast, residue-free and repeatable cycles within a sensitive and controlled environment.

These solutions are applicable for airborne and surface contamination control and unlike some other alternatives, we use a “dry mist” solution. This means electrical equipment including computers etc are completely safe to be left in-situ whilst the fogging takes place. Across Europe we are seeing ionised hydrogen peroxide fogging being used in offices, retail stores and public transport, in fact it can be used wherever people congregate and there is the risk of infection

  • Clinically-proven-technology

Reliably combats bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi

  • No known microbiological resistance (2-phase product); Depot effect (inhibits recontamination with germs)
  • Without scents and colorants
  • Environmentally friendly (practically disintegrates 100% into water and oxygen = evaporation)
  • Depot effect (inhibits recontamination)
  • Widely used Globally
  • Ecologically Friendly

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services from Pool Maintenance to Reverse Osmosis.